About us

We are a multicultural ministry based on the Holy Scriptures as revealed in the bible. We serve in the spirit of love with humility, we support our community, our nation and the world, and we are creating a network to reach the lost souls, the hopeless, and minister to them with honour and respect they deserve. We are recognized for our anointed praise, dedication to the mission, spiritual gifts and promoting the success of each member.


Maranatha African Mission has the mandate to build a big diversified community of sanctified believers here and all over the world, equip the nations for the second coming the lord Jesus Christ


Evangelism and Pastoral Visit | Youth and Children Ministry | Women and Newcomers Ministry | Men Ministry | Deacon’s Ministry | Marriage and Family Ministry | Media and Music Ministry | Volunteering

  • Support the success of the individual by equipping the members.

  • Inspire hope to future generations by faith.

  • Encourage the power of unity and holiness of generations.

  • Be humble, caring, responsible to ourselves and toward others.

  • Enhancement of our ministry by dedicating ourselves to our mission

  • To pray for one another sincerely and with respect.

  • Promoting the teamwork spirit and to support each other.


We thrive to be a ministry of great testimony in worship and praise. Maranatha African Mission is a diverse united community in faith that aspires to install a youth leadership program - for their success. We equip and support women in servanthood, support meaningful projects and cooperate with others. We continue to build an open communication among all servants.