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Assignment 1: Graphics

  • It is very important to align the objects of you image

  • Learn how to use layer masks

  • Color and contrast is important as it helps things stand out

  • Font size should be readable

  • Put in effort in the design, don’t be lazy!

Assignment 2: B-Roll

  • B-Roll is secondary video footage, it helps tell the story

  • You’ll be assigned a camera for 7 days, starting on the day you got the camera, and you are to shoot B-Roll footage of at least 10 minutes in total

Temporary Roles:

Joy; intro graphic to Friday’s video

Nehemiah; closing graphic for Friday’s video

Urban; posting the content and adding caption

We plan to do music Wednesday’s and Friday word of encouragement. Make sure to be at practices and events because that is where we will be getting our footage from.

If I missed anything let me know




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