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Testimony Guidelines

Preparing to share your spiritual testimony

First remember that we are focusing on Christianity. We want to share the experience of our

spiritual life.

Generally, a testimony will have three basic parts:

  • The moment before knowing Jesus Christ. Briefly elaborate how you came to know

  • Christ. (try to be specific)

  • The experience after you have received Christ.

  • The life change made in you (what God accomplished in you)

When sharing your testimony

  1. Share your story with loving enthusiasm in the power of holy spirit

  2. Speak loud and clearly in a natural, relaxed tone of voice

  3. Avoid mannerism when you speak, such as jingling coins in your pocket, swaying,

  4. clearing your throat, using uhs or ahs.

  5. Let people see the story of what God is presently doing for and through you.

  6. NB: create your story from what you saw, felt and I earned.

  7. Present only one thought/idea

  8. Prepare an interesting attention, getting opening statement and close with a good

  9. conclusion.

  10. Communicate relevant information in a such a way that others feel associated with you in

  11. past and present experiences.

  12. Be honest and real

  13. Be positive and smile.

  14. Emphasis faith, not feeling

  15. Use at least one, but the most two scripture verse

  16. Give enough details to arouse interest

  17. Write out your testimony

Sample of a testimony

"I’m a person who’s busy, running around, doing things. I guess my mission in life is to be loved and accepted. For example, I remember as a kid, after we’d moved to a new town, how I didn’t feel very loved or accepted. My brother and mum would go to hospital every year for a few months and I used to get scared and lonely and feel like I was missing out on the attention. So, I tried to find acceptance by trying to fit in at school. I used to get picked on a lot, but I did everything I could to fit in. For example, I even got a cool undercut hair style and tried to tackle the biggest guys on the rugby field at lunchtime just so people might notice and accept me. But all those things did was to make me look silly and end up at the hospital with concussion! But the problem of trying to fit in is that you catch yourself doing things you know you shouldn’t. For example, I once lied and denied to my school friends that I went to a church youth group. I felt so much shame afterwards when I realized what I’d done just to fit in. But this was so silly considering that youth group was the one place I did feel accepted and the place where I finally realized that I am ultimately accepted and loved. This is because of what Jesus has done for me. Jesus gave up his life for me so I could be fully accepted by God. And he did that even though I’d done stuff that I felt was wrong and was definitely not up to his perfect standard. That’s when I realized that it’s not about what I do for God, but that he accepts me because of what he did for me when he sent his son Jesus. So now I don’t need to hide my faith. I don’t need to worry about rejection from anyone. I have all the acceptance I need in Jesus, so I don’t need to look for it in any other place or person. For example, I’m now happy to be in paid ministry, even though it’s not the world’s most respected job, just so others can hear about what Jesus has done for them"

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Testimony Guidelines
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