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True Sheep Follow Leadership

Children Ministry - 2024-01-21

Our lives and environment have many voices, from our televisions, phones, demons, friends, mom and dad. When our parents call us by name, we can easily recognize and respond, no matter where we are. God speaks every day, different from our parents .. how come we don’t obey His voice?

This is because we are distracted in the spirit. There are good sheep and bad sheep in the same crowd going along. The difference is in the vision and leadership. Bad sheep destroy and mislead the good sheep from God. Don’t let the devil snatch you away!

This is why in every situation we need to be in God’s family for safety. That way no one can snatch us away from the voice of God. We learned that it’s not that God does not speak to us, it is that we don’t listen to Him. Learn to listen to the voice of our Good Shepherd.

We can be familiar with His voice by reading and understanding the bible. We need to identify the voice of God to follow His leadership. For only true sheep follow leadership. 

John 10:27 

“ ​​My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”


Grace, Angela, Adriel, Naomi and Peniel


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